Propolis for potency which substances it contains…


Propolis for potency which substances it contains... Propolis for potency: what substances it contains and how to apply it to men with erectile dysfunction
How is Propolis useful for increasing the potency of men, how to apply it and learn about the best recipes of tinctures, decoctions that can be prepared at home.

How Propolis is used to increase potency

All waste products of bees are valuable. Each substance has found its application in traditional and folk medicine. Thanks to the centuries-old experience of healers, propolis for potency has been successfully used in therapy. Treatment with a 100% natural remedy that prolongs the sexual function of the male body has already been appreciated by many.

Sexual impotence, lack of attraction to the opposite sex can be caused not only by age-related changes in the male body. Often the disease appears in young people, negatively affecting the quality of life of a person and his family.

Sometimes, in order to restore vitality and energy potential, there is no need to resort to methods of medical treatment. Popular, effective means of a broad spectrum – bee glue or propolis.

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Product benefits

To sort outthan useful propolis for men, it is necessary to understand what it is. Than   Propolis is a bee substance used by the bees themselves as a building material.

For people, it is a panacea for many ailments.

The structure of bee glue is rich in substances valuable to the human clen max body:

  • Flavonoids – a group of plant particles, which, when ingested, intensively removes toxins, detrimental effect on the pathogenic microflora of the body. They also have a positive effect on the state of small vessels, their elasticity, strength. Reduce the permeability of blood vessels, do not allow the rapid clotting of blood.
  • Fatty acids – promote easy digestion of fats, are involved in their breakdown. They play an important role in supplying cells with nutrients.
  • Polyether alcohols – are able to influence the hormones in the body, are involved in the process of glucose uptake in the body.
  • Aetherol and aroma oils – have anti-inflammatory, bactericidal action. In their power to eliminate the pain symptoms. They are also able to restore damaged cells – have a powerful regenerating effect. In addition, essential oils have a mild stimulating effect on urinary functions, are natural diuretics, improve metabolic processes in the body.
  • Amino acids (replaceable and irreplaceable) – have a positive effect on vital organs, body systems. Regulate the work of the myocardium, blood flow system, liver, nervous system. Strengthen the body’s barrier functions. Accelerate the process of tissue repair after integrity problems. Maintain the hormonal balance in the body to the extent necessary.
  • Minerals (potassium, calcium, aluminum, tin, magnesium, fluorine, iron, zinc, selenium) – support the full work of the internal organs. Stimulate the production of hormones.
  • Enzymes are catalysts of metabolic processes in the body.
  • Vitamin composition (carotene, tocopherol, ascorbic acid, nicotinic acid) – strengthen the immune system, and participate in the synthesis of cells.

Note! The product is biologically valuable due to the complex process of mining and processing.

The end result is a pure composition, without harmful shredz athletes on steroids impurities. However, he does not lose its important properties.

If propolis is exposed to various temperatures, including freezing, heating, it does not lose its therapeutic efficacy.

Bee product is an effective preventive tool. It will help prevent dangerous purely male pathologies (prostatitis, prostate adenoma). It is the inflammation of the gland that is often a symptom that is detrimental to the potency.

This is due to a decrease in testosterone production. Eliminating the symptom and the cause that led to the pathology, the functions of the reproductive organs are restored.

Nontraditional methods of treatment of sexual dysfunction or lack of potency will certainly have results. Beekeeping is almost impossible to harm, but you should not wait for quick action. It is necessary to properly assess the extent of the disease, immediately resort to the help of the attending physician.

Doctors, traditional healers, homeopaths see the cause of the disease of men mainly in the problems associated with the functioning of the central nervous system, respectively, the methods of therapy are directed at eliminating the t3 liothyronine bodybuilding cause.

How is propolis useful for men?

  • Restores disturbed sleep.
  • It improves the psycho-emotional state of the body, makes the nervous system more resistant to irritants.
  • Calms, relaxes, relieves anxiety.
  • Improves the condition of the body as a whole.
  • Effectively smoothes pain in the head.

By consuming propolis systematically, they are cured of prostatitis of an acute, chronic form.

Propolis for potency which substances it contains...

Complex treatment with the use of various active substances can quickly achieve good results, namely:

  • There will be a suppression of the action of bacteria that cause inflammation in the prostate.
  • The inflammatory process in the prostate tissues will be eliminated.
  • It will be easier to carry muscle cramps.
  • The urination process will improve.
  • The anti-cancer effect of propolis will not allow the growth of tumors in the prostate gland.


Regular use of the substance will certainly improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, which will improve the blood supply to the penis.

Propolis and its derivatives are the means that increases the chances of pregnancy, an aphrodisiac of natural etiology.

Using the product of various forms of release, increases the synthesis of male sex hormones, it is also able to significantly improve the quality and viability of sperm.

Use of propolis preparations

With proper storage and in the case of cooking on their own, with respect to the temperature regime, also with timely treatment to the attending specialist, the problem can be solved without much effort using the budget method.

The best results for improving the quality of potency can be achieved by applying a substance with a preventive purpose.

Potency will improve both from pharmaceutical preparations of bee products and from self-prepared products.

To eliminate problems with potency, cure the body of impotence, use the following dosage forms:

  • Propolis tincture for potency. For the preparation of taking bee glue (20 g), crushed, combined with alcohol (80 ml) with a concentration of 96%. The mixture is kept for a week without access to light. With sexual dysfunction, deterioration of potency, the resulting product is consumed internally (40 cap.), Drinking water (30 minutes before a meal). Also, the tincture is used for compresses, lotions. In order to obtain drugs by the express method, small fractions of a beekeeping product are combined with alcohol (1:10), steamed by bath for several hours (temperature no higher than 40 degrees).
  • Alcoholic infusion of propolis (10%). Propolis (15 g), combined with alcohol (100 ml). Stand without access to light and heat for a week. Medicine is taken for 1 tsp. per day.
  • Ointment with vaseline based on propolis. Propolis (10 g) is poured with alcohol (at least for dissolution). Withstand 12 hours. Take a separate container, melt vaseline (50 g), bring to a boil, cool. Connect petroleum jelly with propolis casey viator bodybuilder, heat (up to 70 degrees). The resulting form is stored in the refrigerator (up to 4 years).
  • Ointment on the basis of propolis with the addition of butter. Propolis fray in a mortar (50 g), make butter (100 g). Store the prepared substance in the cold, the container should be made of dark glass.

Fresh collection of bee glue has a higher concentration of nutrients, has more powerful bactericidal properties.

Often in the fight against the insidious disease used candles with propolis. To start a therapeutic action, you only need to visit the network of pharmacies. Using them rectally, the prostate gland is stimulated, therefore, an increase in potency, an improvement in the quality of sperm.

Candles with propolis can be quickly prepared at home. To do this, take mutton fat or lard (200 g), combine with crushed propolis (50 g), make beeswax (60 g). All products are melted, mixed until uniform, allowed to harden. The solid layer is cut into small pieces (1 cm diameter). Store in the cold.


Despite a lot of positive qualities and clear progress in the treatment and restoration of potency, propolis products do not take allergies, as well as people with individual intolerance to the body of the product.

Also, the reason for refusing treatment of sexual impotence with this remedy may be:

  • Allergic manifestations.
  • Bronchial asthma (atonic).
  • Skin diseases (eczema, dermatitis).

Important! Uncontrolled use of medications with the addition of propolis, can provoke a failure of the immune system.

Signs of hypergranulation are also possible. Using the bee component can be harmful, since it is a natural, but medicinal substance.

Useful video


Impotence or lack of potency is a pathology. Independently establish a diagnosis for yourself and prescribe a course of therapy is not recommended. All their actions omnadrenu, home methods of folk healing should be coordinated with your doctor.

Sometimes an integrated approach to therapy allows you to combine drugs of traditional and alternative medicine. This makes it possible to achieve the necessary results immediately, which is very important, since impotence leads to disruption of the functions of the systems, neuroses.

Propolis for potency which substances it contains...

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Water in life and during class …


Water in life and during fitness classes: benefits and recommendations

The benefits of water in everyday life and during fitness. Important recommendations for drinking water before, after and during exercise.

The human body is more than 70% water. The more a person loses fluids, the more severely his overall performance decreases. At a critical level of dehydration, the body slows down all vital functions until death.

During a fitness workout, the athlete performs many power and aerobic activities that stimulate the bloodstream, lymph flow. At this point, active sweating begins, that is, the removal of fluid from the body to cool the skin to avoid overheating.

An athlete with an average weight of 70-80 kg in just one fitness session can lose up to 3 liters of fluid (sweat, breathing). The more active the training, the more the lack of water in the body increases.

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All the above facts speak of one thing: during exercise, it is not only possible to drink, but also extremely obligatory.

The benefits of maintaining water balance

Adequate drinking helps maintain water balance, which:

maintain water balance

actively involved in metabolic processes.

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Thanks to the fluid, the internal organs, vital systems and muscles function fully, without failures and disturbances;

normalizes body temperature.

This is especially important when high-intensity exercise and aerobic training are performed;

protects internal organs from overheating and slowing down.

For example, the liver is difficult to clean thickened blood, and the organs of the excretory system are difficult to remove processed products;

maintains articular mobility.

The sufficient use of water allows to facilitate the movement of joints, since its part turns into joint fluid. Thanks to this, strength exercises (with barbell, dumbbells, weights) are easier to perform.

Water temperature

At first glance, there is no big difference what kind of water to drink. However, the rate of exchange processes largely depends on the water temperature.

Fitness trainers do not recommend drinking hot water (tea or coffee temperatures) during sports activities. Such water only increases sweating and thus provokes dehydration.

Cool or icy water, even in the heat will not save from overheating, but can cause a cold. In addition, the body will have to spend a lot of strength and energy so that the internal organs heat the liquid inside to an acceptable temperature. The best Sustanon buy in the online sports nutrition store – Purple Supremacy option for drinking is water at room temperature.

Drinking while doing exercise

In the midst of a fitness workout drink necessarily. However, this should be done by following some rules:

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make 2-3 sips of water every 15-20 minutes of occupation;

practice drinking at a slow pace;

should be drunk according to the regimen, and not after the sensation of thirst.

maintain water balance

The sudden intake of water into the body and drinking in large gulps can best bodybuilding videos cause a strong load on the excretory system, including the kidneys, so you need to drink a little bit. When performing physical exercises, you can take a sip of water every 2-3 approaches so that the lactic acid accumulating in the muscles is discharged in a timely manner.


Drinking before and after fitness exercises

Drink is necessary not only in the process of fitness, but also before and after exercise. About 1.5 to 2 hours before class should drink about 500 ml of pure water in order to restore the water balance and activate the work of the internal organs.

After classes, the moisture that the body excretes also needs to be replenished in time. It is best to do this in 30-60 minutes after the last exercise.

The amount of water for consumption should be calculated individually: the amount depends on the fluid lost by the body. If after occupation the lost volume was 1 kg, then you should drink 500 ml of water. If 2 kg, then respectively 1 l. In hot weather, the volume of liquid for drinking can be increased due to rapid and active perspiration.

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When to drink water is not recommended

Despite the fact that exercise requires drinking water, there are cases when drinking is not recommended:

during interval training;

during a short run;

immediately after running exercises (you should wait 10-15 minutes);

on a full stomach;

when doing yoga, pilates and callanetics.

Permitted Drinking Options

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Purified water without gas is prioritized for drinking bodybuilding girls sex during training, however, instructors and doctors are allowed to drink What is bodybuilding. The benefits and harms of bodybuilding other drinks or water with various additives:

mineral water without gas;

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water with lemon juice or lime;

water with mint or a spoonful of honey diluted in it;

freshly squeezed citrus juices;

cooled decoctions of herbs;

chilled green tea without sugar.

Any drinks containing sugar are strictly prohibited, including coffee, milk drinks, alcohol, soda, compotes and packaged juices. If an athlete needs to hold water for a while, add half a teaspoon of salt to a clean drinking liquid.

If you drink drinks from sour berries and fruits, you should dilute the resulting juice with water. This is because acid can negatively affect the work of the stomach and increase acidity.

Drying drink

During the drying period, athletes need to drink more than during normal activities. This approach allows you to avoid edema in the morning after fitness training, because the body will actively remove excess water.

If at standard trainings (both power and aerobic) an athlete needs to drink about 1 liter of water in the course of the lesson, then on drying it is necessary to drink up to 3-4 liters per day.

The benefits of clean water for humans

Why do experts advise you to drink only clean water without gas, sugar and flavors? This is because it brings great benefits to the body, not only during sports activities. Water helps athletes:

get rid of excess weight by stimulating metabolic processes;

overcome fatigue, overwork, apathy;

relieve tension after power and physical exertion;

normalize blood pressure;

maintain body temperature at the optimum level;

improve digestion and the functioning of internal organs;

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activate brain activity.

Water during fitness is necessary because it allows you to maintain water balance and provides the athlete with excellent health throughout the entire session.

Take the test

Your fitness motivation Do not know how to motivate yourself to do fitness? Take this test and find out what you need to love it.

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