Groups Phase Vehicle Caravan to Protest against Boracay Closure

Groups Phase Vehicle Caravan to Protest against Boracay Closure

Opponents with the planned seal of the Philippine island with Boracay staged a vehicle caravan on Thursday to protest the relocate , area news shop Inquirer studies.

Around 60 vehicles covered the 71-kilometer distance in between Kalibo, the administrative centre of the Aklan province, together with Barangay Caticlan in the Malay town to talk about their discompose with the well-known tourism hub’s closure establishing April 28. The caravan was planned and advised by the #NoToBoracayClosure! #DefendLivelihood! #NoToCasino! movement . The collaborating vehicles quit Kalibo with 8 i am local a moment reached Malay at noon.

They said them to would have lasted to their end point before, if they had not necessarily been discontinued by network . police officers during five checkpoints. Here it is crucial to note in which Barangay Caticlan is the start off indicate the island of Boracay .

The demonstration was joined by Bayan Muna Representative. Carlos Zarate. Talking along with media, the exact legislator explained that the caravan was portion of a series of initiatives criticizing the particular island’s approaching closure without the apparent account of the result the relocate would have upon residents’ safety and local organisations.

Philippine Director Rodrigo Duterte ordered early this month this Boracay, a favorite tourism place annually inviting 2 thousand visitors, end up being closed for any six-month span starting February 26. Read more