Cannabis-growing nuns look for assistance from banking attack

Cannabis-growing nuns look for assistance from banking attack

CannabizDaily has featured the Sisters of this Valley just last year. However now, this commune of activist nuns who grow cannabis is experiencing an assault because of the banking industry and it is help that is seeking.

Evidently, this assault has one thing to do with a documentary movie about the siblings. The docu movie “Breaking Habits” was released on April 19 in the usa.

Siblings regarding the Valley (SOTV) happens to be growing cannabis and providing plant-based medication to those who work in need of assistance since 2014. SOTV is certainly not affiliated with any religion that is traditional alternatively defines itself as being a new-age order of healing women. They run their company on the basis of the founding cbd oil advice net maxims of sustainability and of honoring mother nature and her present of a sensible plant.

Worldwide CBD Exchange

The siblings operate a web store to offer their hemp-based CBD services and products within the U.S. and across the world. Read more