Kazakh Bride – The Kazakhs are a people that are extremely hospitable.

Kazakh Bride – The Kazakhs are a people that are extremely hospitable.

in the event that you had been invited if you come to a Kazakh home unexpected you will be received as. Since very very very early youth axioms of respect of guests and the elderly along with tolerance and peacefulness are instilled atlanta divorce attorneys Kazakh and they are the nationwide popular features of Kazakh culture and traditions. For this reason Kazakhstan did not have significant nationwide or spiritual conflicts in its history. Usually every visitor exists soup bowls of nationwide Kazakh food during the dastarkhan (the table that is low in a yurt.


The yurt the most sensible house that is movable. It really is a cushty and practical house, preferably suitable for the area conditions and way of living – one of the best inventions of Eurasian nomads.

It really is easily taken apart (it is stated that the Kazakh girl may do it in two hour) and continued horses and camels. The yurt is composed of three primary elements: a trellis that is extensible (the kerege), a dome made from poles (the uyk) and a circular top (the shanyrak).

In ancient times Turks were reputed as the utmost skillful felt-makers of portable dwellings. Nowadays the Kazakhs usage felt to pay for the yurt as well as its interior design, because well as which will make carpets, dresses and footwear. The Kazakhs are now living in surrounded with ornaments. Each yurt is embellished with breathtaking handmade wall carpets and embroideries that are multi-colored.


Handicrafts – harnesses, felt mats (tekemets), articles made from lumber, bone tissue and metal – are lavishly embellished. Headdresses, dresses, bags and saddle-cloths are beautifully embroidered. Read more