Unlawful Russian Casinos Just Role for the Gaming Picture

Unlawful Russian Casinos Just Role for the Gaming Picture

The old coal mining adage that ‚I owe my soul towards the company shop’ has taken on bizarre meaning with the recent discovery of a underground immigrant slave garment manufacturing ‚village’ in Moscow, replete with a equally illegal casino. The underground city which held 200 Asian employees held captive against their might was found by police in still another raid, one of hundreds to happen throughout Russia; a country where gambling, like vodka, seems to be in the genes (not forgetting, jeans).

Just State Nyet to Gambling

Massive police raids of the nation’s underground (not necessarily literally) casinos have resulted in some 662 shutdowns up to now, while the Russian Interior Ministry’s Moscow office says that the ancillary special ops task force has slammed the doors on 4,747 bones which were providing moonshine that is illegal, to your tune of 31 a lot of booze in most. Your livers will later thank you, Russkies.

The casino Prohibition-style cloud that hangs over Russia started back in summer of 2009; that’s when gambling in all but four somewhat hard-to-access designated gambling regions were pronounced as illegal gambling zones. (We’re pretty sure booze isn’t unlawful anywhere there, but possibly absolutely nothing in short supply of ethyl liquor will give their jaded livers a jolt anymore).

Hey Big Spender

And while Russia’s average-guy take home pay just below $21,000 is underneath the average American’s ( Read more