There have been a lot of fresh developments around me recently. As i started a new job working together with an online together with mobile examine prep supplier known as TestSoup that makes flashcards for a variety of varied standardized testing. I am researching marketing, social bookmarking, and (of course) knowledge.

But maybe the most significant change in my life just lately (within way back when year together with a half) is actually now I in the morning a parent, together with am browsing the world through a very different group of eyes. It again affects all, but mostly it makes you to take a look at everything finally. When you go via something, one wonder the way it will be for your children when he or she passes through it.

This is exactly what happened at the end of last month, any time TestSoup joined in its very first conference: ISTE 2011 . Not only was it TestSoup’s first discussion, it was acquire as well. It had been an interesting knowledge, I must confess. Lots of jogging, lots of discussing, and lots of hand-shaking. There were other items too, nonetheless those will be the three which stood the most.

Because i wandered towards conference, gawking at the awesome educational technological know-how (EdTech) instruments available these days, We couldn’t help but consider what it are going to be like when ever my toddler goes through classes. What will institutions be engaging in five or possibly ten years within the foreseeable future? What are they doing at this moment?

While it turned out, there seems to be an entire part of the conference devoted to replying to that thought, and it what food was in that internet sites that I expended most of my very own time. I needed to learn almost all I could about what these educational institutions were working on. Of course , I want to to tell them Read more